Zen Paradox was created by Steve Law early in 1992. During 1991, Steve Law had been writing music for Foil that was inspired by the developing techno sound that was spreading around the world. The material didn't end up working with Foil, so this was the reason for the new solo project. An album was recorded in 1992, but was never released. Many of the tracks from this album have now been released on the Experiments in Emotion L.P. Some of the others were released on the debut Zen Paradox L.P. Eternal Brainwave, and another (Asylum 2000) was released on the 1995 mini L.P. The Voyage. Zen Paradox has been a regular live performer in Melbourne since 1992, and has performed internationally on many occasions since 1994. Over the years Zen Paradox has built up a strong reputation as a totally live techno act, and was a pioneer in this area in Australia.

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- Eternal Brainwave L.P. (1993, Psy-Harmonics PSY-003 CD only, Nova Zembla NZ001 CD and double vinyl, Restless 7 72811-2 CD only)


- The light at the end...? 12" (1993, Psy-Harmonics PSY-006) vinyl only



- The light at the end...? E.P. (1994, Nova Zembla NZ005) vinyl and CD



- Into the Abyss mini L.P. (1994, Nova Zembla NZ011) CD and double vinyl



- From the shore of a distant land L.P. (1994, Nova Zembla NZ014 CD and double vinyl, PSY-Harmonics PSY-016 CD only)



- The Voyage mini L.P. (1995, Nova Zembla NZ041) vinyl and CD



- Amethyst E.P. (1996, Nova Zembla NZ050) vinyl and CD


- Catharsis L.P. (1996, Nova Zembla NZ051) CD and double vinyl

- Experiments in Emotion L.P. (1998, Solitary BUG 104) CD only

- Chromium Dance E.P. (1999, Solitary BUG 107) mp3

- Flotsam in the Void L.P. (2003, Solitary BUG 114) CD only

- Numinosum L.P. (2005, Electronic Emotional Music EEMTWO) CD only

Tracks on compilations:

- Mutation (from The Yammouni Files cassette, 1992)

- Darkwater Denizen (from Trash Trance CD, 1994, PBS Recordings, PBS001)

- Aquamarine (from Dungeon of Delight double CD and vinyl, 1994, Nova Zembla NZ010)

- Between the Apo Kayan and the Infinite (from Document 01 CD, 1994, Dorobo 001)

- Acidic Afterburn (from Blue Sector vol.1 CD, 1994, Blue Sector BSR 001)

- Silver Devil (from Cybercore vol.1 CD, 1994, Siren records CYB-001)

- Coroziv (from Quiddity CD, 1995)

- Rise from Depths (from Zeitgeist CD, 1995, If? IF01, Nova Zembla NZ047 CD and double vinyl)

- Fudo-Myoo (from The Bezerk Collection CD, 1995, BZK CD1)

- The Stranded Neptune (remix) (from Earthcore vol.1 double CD, 1998,Earthcore EARTH 001)

- Phyxostricus (from Every Picture Tells a Story Vol.3 CD, 2000, MUD)

- Dark Sunsets Merge on Comatose Island (from Breaking Down the Barriers 1995-2005, Ten Years of Afe, AFE afe080mp3)

- Calvin Analysis (from Awakenings 2006 Vol. 2.5 - Deep Ambient Drift CD, 2006, Ambientlive)

- Creation Garden (from Analogy 2 CD, 2006, Groove GR-136)

The following tracks already released by Zen Paradox also appeared on the following compilations:

- Psy-Harmonics Vol.1, 1994, Psy-Harmonics PSY-009 (contained the tracks The Light at the End...? (remix) and Void spirit).

- Dream Injection Vol.1, (contained the track The Light at the End...?).

- Tranzaction, 1994, MDS F1-11 (contained the track Void Spirit)

- Natural Born Techno, 1994, Nova Zembla NZ030 (contained the track Analogue Exotica 2)

- United State of Ambience 3, 1995, Moonshine Music MM 80023-2 (contained the track Distant Land)

- Natural Born Techno 2, 1995, Nova Zembla NZ042 (contained the track Mutazen)

- Natural Born Techno - The One, 1997, Never Records NR2010 (contained the track Mutazen)

- Psychic Harmony, 1998, Psy Harmonics PSY-038 (contained the tracks Lambent Interlude 1 and Evening Calm).

- Future Noir, 1999, (contained the track Devoid)

- Liquid Architecture 2005 (contained the track Circuit Sculpture)

An unofficial remix of The light at the end...? also appeared on one of the Razormaid series of DJ sampler compilations, and a further unofficial remix of this track appeared on another DJ only compilation.