1. Lysergide induction (remix)

2. Goindeepa

3. Asylum 2000

4. Sapphire (deep blue mix)

5. Mutazen

6. Fornicator (remix)

7. The voyage (from a distant land) (live)

The vinyl release of this mini L.P. did not contain the track Asylum 2000 (which was recorded in 1992 and has now also been released on the Experiments in Emotion LP). Tracks 1,4 and 6 were recorded in 1994 prior to the first Zen Paradox European tour, and were originally intended for release as a single. Track 2 was recorded in December 1994, track 5 in April 1995. Track 7 was recorded live at Totem in Sydney on 23/12/94. The studio version of this track was originally intended for release on From the shore of a distant land, and remains unreleased at this stage.