1. Re-Entry

2. Zen Shadow

3. Circuit Sculpture

4. Singing Statue 2

5. Symbiotic Transfer

6. Robofunk

7. Rhizobium

8. Aedeagus

9. DeadZone

10. Hematite

11. Mycalesis Perseus

12. The Opaque Stillness


This album had a long gestation, its release coming almost nine years after the previous "proper" Zen Paradox album (Catharsis, 1996). The title of the previous album turned out to be quite appropriate, as the years that followed were indeed cathartic. Another Zen Paradox album (Legal Alien) was started, then shelved. Other distractions and side projects kept delaying work on the new album, but pieces were recorded during those years which did end up making it onto Numinosum. Mycalesis Perseus was recorded in 1997, Singing Statue 2 in 1999, and Aedeagus + The Opaque Stillness are from 2000. DeadZone was created by combining a Mutagenic Mind piece from 1995 (4 Days) with an excerpt from a live recording from 2004 (at Environ, Loop). Symbiotic Transfer was also based around a live excerpt from the same Environ gig (featuring James Wilkinson on trombone). The remaining pieces were recorded in the Solitary studio between December 2003 and October 2004.

The album is very much a progression from the previous albums, incorporating a diverse range of influences. Probably the most consistent Zen Paradox album to date - even with the great diversity on the album, the pieces flow smoothly together to form a cohesive listening experience.

Mp3 excerpts available here.