1. Status Uncertain

2. Mindmelt

3. Saucer

4. Uncertain Interlude 1

5. Ghost Hacker

6. Rustler

7. The Stranded Neptune

8. Crosses in Your Eyes

9. Uncertain Interlude 2

10. Transient Sphere

11. Back in the Pan

12. Zensual Pulse

13. Crystal Twilight


This album contains a selection of pieces recorded between the end of 1996 to the beginning of 2001. Some of the pieces were originally intended for release on the shelved Zen Paradox LP Legal Alien. Others began as Mr.Suspicious tracks. Saucer is a collaboration with Kazu Kimura (rec. 1999), Ghost Hacker a collaboration with Riou Tomita (rec. 1997). Back in the Pan is a remix of Into the Frying Pan from the Catharsis LP. It was decided to release this compilation of unreleased recordings prior to a brand new Zen Paradox album.