1. Prima Belladonna

2. Schizoid Embolism

3. A Flash of Gold on the Dying Horizon

4. Brain Cage

5. Virtual Nightmare

6. Biometropolis

7. Analog Opera

8. The Sweetest Touch

9. Escape to the Desert of Singing Statues

10. Asylum 2000

11. Twilight Raga

12. Terminal Sunset

13. The Light at the End...? (original version)

All tracks recorded 1991 - 1992. Many of the tracks on this album along with half the tracks on Eternal Brainwave were originally intended to be released by Steve Law as the debut Zen Paradox album early in 1993. Zen Paradox was then signed by Psy-Harmonics, and the proposed album was dropped as Psy-Harmonics were pursuing more of a trance style (hence the co-production of Ollie Olsen pushing some of the tracks on Eternal Brainwave into more of a trance direction). The track Asylum 2000 was released on The Voyage mini L.P also, but is much more at home on Experiments in Emotion. The tracks Virtual Nightmare, Biometropolis and Analog Opera were also performed with Foil (Steve Law originally wrote these pieces for Foil before starting Zen Paradox as a separate project).