Australian sleeve

European sleeve


1. Opening

2. Say goodbye to the dark place

3. Lysergide induction

4. Lambent interlude 1

5.Thanatos awakening

6. Fornicator

7. Vicious cycle

8. Biomechanical psychosis

9. Lambent interlude 2

10. The light at the end...?

11. Emerald

12. Floating without chemistry

13. Evening calm

Tracks 2,3,5,10,11 and 12 were recorded in May/June 1993 at Psy-Harmonics studio with Ollie Olsen and Simon Polinski. These tracks were originally written and recorded by Steve Law in 1992/93. The remaining tracks were recorded in 1992 by Steve Law at The Void studio. Evening calm (track 13) is a re-recorded shorter version of a twenty minute piece originally recorded in June 1992, possibly to be re-released. This album was the first release on the Belgian label Nova Zembla and was a big success, being heralded as a landmark album of "melodic trance", even though much of the music doesn't really fall into the trance category. The tracks co-produced by Ollie Olsen were pushed in more of a trance direction to fit in with the style of the Psy-Harmonics label (who originally released this album in Australia in August 1993).