1. Hymenoptera

2. End-Game

3. Alkaline lowdown

4. Forbode

5. Aquamuta

6. Aurora-D

7. Into the frying pan

8. Topaz

9. Terramuta

10. Devoid

11. Robofok

All titles recorded in 1996. This album was recorded in place of The Fragile Soul album, which was turned down by Nova Zembla due to it's lack of dancefloor-oriented tracks and it's more experimental nature. The resulting Catharsis album, though much more beat-driven than The Fragile Soul, was still very different from previous Zen Paradox albums. Two of the tracks (End-Game and Aurora-D) were on the original version of The Fragile Soul album (The Fragile Soul has now been released as a Steve Law album with some different tracks). Unfortunately the mastering on Catharsis was not as good as it could have been, which meant many of the tracks were lacking in power, certainly compared to when they were performed live (Alkaline Lowdown and Into the Frying Pan are good examples of this).